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Repair and Support All
Windows/Linux PC and Service Apple/Mac Computers

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Tmexexperts is the trusted one -stop Repair and Support for all of your Windows/Linux PC and Service Apple/Mac Computers related issues.

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Tmexexperts do quarterly maintenance on my computer. They have been able to keep it fast and running smoothly for the last few years. They recently had to place a hard drive well. It was a seamless process. My computer looked and worked just like it did before the failure. They put everything back into place. I was amazed.


Tmexexperts is an honest and competent Repair and Support, Tmexexperts is a great Repair and Support as well. Guy took my computer, listened, and meticulously noted my issues. They finally built a new custom-made computer and recovered all of my crucial documents.

Tracy Mannall

 I had a problem with my computer freezing on the MAC logo. Tmexexperts did a great job finding this and getting it repaired. I was impressed by the fact that he was able to fix it right there in my office. This is now Tmexexperts my favorite computer repair site.

Randy N

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Repair and Support All Windows/Linux PC

We provide in-site and on-site desktop and windows/Linux PC repair services. We troubleshoot and evaluate most crashed systems and crashed hard drives and offer “same day” and “after-hours” emergency service.