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Certified Technicians

We Offer Network Services

Tmex Experts was founded in 2012. We are a network security expert company that offers network firewalls, cloud network services, and cyber security. With nearly 10 years of experience developing industry-leading solutions for the top telco companies, we have the expertise to help protect your networks from any type of network threat.


What They Say

Tmexexperts do quarterly maintenance on my computer. They have been able to keep it fast and running smoothly for the last few years. They recently had to place a hard drive well. It was a seamless process. My computer looked and worked just like it did before the failure. They put everything back into place. I was amazed.


Tmexexperts is an honest and competent Repair and Support, Tmexexperts is a great Repair and Support as well. Guy took my computer, listened, and meticulously noted my issues. They finally built a new custom-made computer and recovered all of my crucial documents.

Tracy Mannall

 I had a problem with my computer freezing on the MAC logo. Tmexexperts did a great job finding this and getting it repaired. I was impressed by the fact that he was able to fix it right there in my office. This is now Tmexexperts my favorite computer repair site.

Randy N

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