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Our Services Save Your Time

We offer the full range of Windows/Linux PC and Service, and Apple/Mac Computers services. Virus removal, Hardware Diagnostics , Electronic Repair,Upgrades, Software Installs, Monitor Repair consulting, general maintenance, Data recovery, and anything else related to computers.


Our Services

Hardware Repairs

Are you having problems with your Hardware, and you can’t bring yourself to face the Hardware Store.Let your fears be resolved and trust tmexexperts with all of your questions. Whether you are dealing with a broken LCD screen, a faulty hard drive, or anything in between, tmexexperts will be there to help.

Docs Recovery

At tmexexperts, we understand the value of your docs and how important it is to ensure a quick and secure recovery. Whether your concerns are All docs, external hard drives, USB flash drives, documents, or anything in between, we will work to relieve your worries and save your docs.

Monitor Repair

The monitor determines its appearance and ensures the interaction of all devices connected to it. We offer services for replacing and repairing the malfunction of the monitor at the best price.

Software Support

We are providing software support services that fix services that are distributed generally or for specific software products. These services include revenue from long-term technical-support contracts or paid, in the form of payments.

Choose Our Repair Services

Our supporters assist you at every stage to make the repair method simple. The repair services we offer include :

Diagnosing of desktop

Desktop Repair


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