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TmexExperts has enough experience and resources to develop software applications that best fit our client needs,
budget and quality. More than 10k students trained and placed to top IT companies.


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TMEX EXPERTS is one of the largest IT Training and Finishing Schools with expertise in ASP.Net Training, PHP Training, Java Training, Software Testing Training, SEO Training, Web Design Training. We started the training division to become a bridge between the skills required by the best IT companies require and the talent created by Engineering, BCA, MCA colleges. As an IT Finishing school, we are one of the largest and Best placement generator in the Software Development sector placing over 1000 students at various IT companies across Gujarat and India. As one of the largest Software Development company in india, we have also been accorded the Microsoft Silver Learning Partnership by Microsoft Corporation.

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We Offer Simplified Our Training Programs.We Offer Simplified Our Training Programs.

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