Software Management

Need of software project management

The management system software provides the facility to easily publish your articles and other content content in the Web world. BinarySoft Technologies provides solutions for article management and online article publication. Our package includes server-based software for article management, power hosting and template design and seamless integration with any website that meets your needs. Once you set up paragraph management software and configure your required template, you can use a web-based content management system to update your website with your web browser. If you need to add new content, delete a page, upload pictures, change formatting or search for a particular article; Our article management software allows you to quickly and without any errors.

Our system has a functionality that allows you to authorize other authors to do some things. They can be given access to update any article and other content of your website. They are allowed to modify the material directly, or have been reviewed for the first time by the editor before publication. Take a look at the list of benefits and we are sure that you will see that our products are by far the best web based article management software. Easy to install and operate: No technical knowledge is required to install. And with the powerful online WYSIWYG editor, it takes only a few minutes to create and edit content. It’s as easy as working on Microsoft Word. No need of HTML or XML: You do not need to know any kind of mark-up or programming languages to create content. Everything can be done in a user-friendly interface. Saves time and money: Without investing in expensive web development tools and technical staff, your own fully functional and professional content driven web site. Provide convenience to update anytime, anywhere: It helps in removing all the hassles associated with adjusting and reducing the change in content. All you have to do is log in through the browser and update your content yourself wherever you are. Category management: You can also arrange the categories and sub-categories of your articles that facilitate navigating through the menu. Collection Facility: You can easily store your old articles in order to improve website performance.