How Secure Is Your Private Information In The Cloud?

Many companies still wonder if cloud services are right for them. Cloud storage generally takes advantage of encryption to store data. This means that the encryption key must be decrypted before cybercriminals can access your confidential information. Find out how this works and what your Bay Area business can do to improve your cloud security. There are simple ways to limit your vulnerabilities beyond what is integrated into your system.

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Develop training materials that teach employees how to treat confidential information on internal servers and in the cloud. Here are some high-level points to inform your policies and procedures:

Make passwords unique and hard to guess. Password managers allow you to create complex passwords that you don’t have to remember. However, there is evidence that some of these managers have a security flaw, so be careful to find the right tool.

Restrict access to cloud-based data. Access must be based on the need to know. It is useful to structure your libraries online based on job functions to facilitate access restriction without creating bottlenecks.

Find a reliable IT service provider that understands the need for confidentiality. An experienced provider such as EPC IT Solutions can help you configure your environment to maximize security without compromising productivity.

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Almost everything you do on a typical business day depends on a secure IT infrastructure. Therefore, it is essential to choose an IT service provider with experienced, highly qualified and innovative resources that are familiar with cloud services. You can trust your service provider with encryption keys or opt for blind cloud services without the visibility of your private data.

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EPC IT Solutions provides managed IT services to small and medium businesses in the Bay Area in a variety of industries. We take the time to analyze your current infrastructure needs and make some suggestions to optimize it. Tell us about your weaknesses and business goals, and let us develop a plan to create an ideal IT environment to help you optimize your operations.

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