What You Learn in Core Java Training?

Just a single Machine Learning training in Los Angeles, USA with 12 Advanced Modules that will give you an in depth practical knowledge to enhance your skills and shape your corporate career.

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JAVA Training Programme


Core JAVA or JAVA SE is the basis of all Industrial applications and without which one simply cannot build or even going into higher levels of JAVA programming. Core JAVA is the very basics of JAVA and helps one understand the intricacies and various principles and functions of JAVA and how to use the wide assortment of tools offered by JAVA to its highest potential with the greatest of efficiencies.  Core JAVA is a necessary tool to have if one wishes to move forward in the field of programming as many of the higher languages and higher forms of JAVA use Core JAVA as their base and without a complete command over the very basics one cannot expect to be successful in the field of Programming.


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Our JAVA training programme helps one understand the basics and start from the very scratch building their knowledge from the ground up and thus helping create a solid foundation in JAVA. A training programme in Core JAVA will teach you the intricacies of programming and how software applications are made and designed based on client demand. The JAVA training programme offered here will help you build a brilliant professional career as you become a professional that is sought after by every major IT company for its projects.

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What will make you an expert in Core JAVA?


Classroom Training

Our classroom programmes are carefully crafted for students of all backgrounds and experiences.

Learn from Experts

Our Trainers come with a lot of experience and have proven expertise in the domain they teach.

Practical Training

Our stress is always on the Practical experience in our Training Programmes.


We have designed assignments in such a manner that it will complement your classroom study.


We all have heard that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. We’ll ensure that you practice enough.

Earn a certificate

Complete the Programme and earn an Industry accepted Certificate. Boost your Career with the Certificate!

Why Core JAVA Course?

Java is the most widely used programming language globally

Most advanced course curriculum

Work on Live projects

Students are trained as per the current industry needs

100% Placement Assistance

Learn from Industry Experts

Core JAVA course highlights!

On completion of Core JAVA training candidates are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Complete understanding of Core JAVA.
  • Knowledge of basics of JAVA.
  • Ability to delve into higher JAVA technology.
  • Complete knowledge of arrays and strings.
  • Knowledge of how to debug programs.
  • Understanding of threads and multi-threaded programming.
  • Object Oriented Programming.>
  • Complete knowledge of Objects and Classes.
  • Knowledge of Inheritance in JAVA.
  • Understanding of Packages.

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Anyone who has passed 12th or HSC equivalent exam is eligible to enrol for Core JAVA training programme. There is no bar on who can enrol any student from any stream who wishes to learn JAVA to open up a new employment opportunity for him/her can register and learn. We believe in providing equal learning opportunity to all and the chance to make a better future for themselves.

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JAVA provides a number of employment opportunities and among these are a number of job roles that one can get after completing a Core JAVA training programme. A Core JAVA developer can –

  • Design java applications
  • Conduct software analysis, testing and debugging
  • Develop and maintain application software
  • Develop application code for JAVA programs
  • Develop technical designs
  • Identifying and correcting application issues



The instructors are highly qualified industry professionals with 5-10 years of experience and have taught 1000s of students and led them on the path of a glorious future. The instructors have the industrial standard qualification and are more than qualified to work as instructors of the future generations.

TmexExperts : 1-877-888-8713 (US)



After the completion of Core JAVA training programme one can expect a minimum salary of more than 2.5 lac p.a. and an average salary of 4 lac p.a.