Cyber Security Awareness : What is the Dark Web?

How familiar are you with Dark Web? Do you know what it is or did you just hear it mentioned during criminal programs? Knowing the danger that the dark Web can cause your small business is the first step to avoid it. So what is the dark Web?

Here is an analogy to help you understand. You know how to buy food and gasoline. But what happens if your shopping list requires something else, such as the login information for the local business system administrator account? Or what if you need other people’s Social Security numbers? Or what if you want to request a line of credit in the name of a stranger? Would you know where to buy any of these items? Cybercriminals do it: they buy them on Dark Web. In fact, your personal information may be available for sale on Dark Web at this time for only $ 3 per registration.

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Dark Web is a much larger part of the “deep web” or an extensive collection of websites that you cannot access through standard Internet browsers. Every day, Internet users can only see Clearnet or the standard Internet they are already familiar with. The Dark Web remains hidden through the use of overlapping networks. These websites are built on a framework of networks that already exist, and there are many of them. In fact, the Deep Web constitutes the majority of the information online. Which, when you consider how vast is the Internet corner you frequent, is scary.

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The additional security of the Deep Web makes it attractive to anyone who wants their online activities to remain anonymous. Unlike the Deep Web, which prevents outsiders from accessing information, dark websites allow anyone with the right browser to access their sites. One of the most popular browsers is The Onion Browser, also known as TOR.

Cybercrime costs American companies billions of dollars every year. Most of the pirated information stolen from companies end up on the Dark Web for sale to corporate spies and / or identity thieves. However, the real danger is that it provides educational and communication training for hackers and potential hackers. Although there is a lot of competition between hacking groups, they will still share techniques and help each other.

Access to the “tools of the trade” and the guidance provided to help obtain successful hacks, scams or attacks are what make the Dark Web dangerous for businesses. Anyone with the time and inclination to learn to steal company data can find online tutorials, buy basic hacking software and is ready to steal it. While you may not read about it in the headlines or not hear it in the news, small and medium-sized businesses are the target of cybercriminals looking to make money quickly.

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