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How to Automate Microsoft Outlook Email Response

Manage responses by email, especially if you are a busy executive looking to keep in touch with customers, colleagues, investors, and partners. With Microsoft Outlook, you have multiple opportunities to automate your email responses. Here is a look at four of the most effective ways to automate your email responses. How can I use templates […]

Data Security: How to Secure My Data and Workflow?

Cybercrime is evolving at a rapid pace. According to Cybersecurity Almanac 2019 from Cybersecurity Ventures, Cybercrime toolkits can be purchased for only $1 on the dark web. Without fear? It is easier for attackers than ever to find ways to steal data. Whether they steal it to demand a ransom fee or sell it on […]

Cyber Security Awareness : What is the Dark Web?

How familiar are you with Dark Web? Do you know what it is or did you just hear it mentioned during criminal programs? Knowing the danger that the dark Web can cause your small business is the first step to avoid it. So what is the dark Web? Here is an analogy to help you […]

How Secure Is Your Private Information In The Cloud?

Many companies still wonder if cloud services are right for them. Cloud storage generally takes advantage of encryption to store data. This means that the encryption key must be decrypted before cybercriminals can access your confidential information. Find out how this works and what your Bay Area business can do to improve your cloud security. […]

7 criteria to hire the IT consulting company in the correct area of ​​the bay

The right IT consultant will have these 7 non-negotiable qualities When a company makes the decision to seek an IT consultant for guidance and support, the hiring process can be intimidating. How are business leaders supposed to know which IT consultant is right for your organization? How can you be sure that you will see […]

Discover Top Solutions for Streamlining Your Cyber Security

Update the way you manage HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity. Better understand how HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity are connected. Learn tips to improve the cybersecurity of your office for optimal patient service. While striving to achieve those HIPAA compliance milestones, keep cybersecurity at the forefront of your approach. An important component to achieve HIPAA compliance is […]