How to Automate Microsoft Outlook Email Response

Manage responses by email, especially if you are a busy executive looking to keep in touch with customers, colleagues, investors, and partners. With Microsoft Outlook, you have multiple opportunities to automate your email responses. Here is a look at four of the most effective ways to automate your email responses.

How can I use templates to automate email responses? | 1-877-888-8713 (US)

  • Templates are a simple way to create automated messages.
  • You can start with templates by creating a new message or replying to one.
  • On the ribbon, click the View templates button. A new window will appear with a section called My Templates, with some common answers listed.
  • You can edit or delete these templates or create your own. For each template, you can assign a title and, in the text box, enter any standardized response you choose, including copying and pasting other documents.
  • Once you have selected your templates, you can add them to a new email or respond quickly and edit them within the body of the message. For frequent phrases and answers, the template option helps speed up your communication.
  • The advantage of templates is that they are very easy to use, edit, update and delete. The disadvantage is that they are very basic and do not include formatting options within the template itself.

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